Why you should use Stainless Steel Grates for your Pool

Having proper drainage for the deck around your swimming pool is very important. With people splashing or getting in and out of the pool, the deck will get wet but you don’t want water collecting and creating large puddles around your pool. You need the water to drain away to prevent slipping and falling accidents. Swimming pool decks have a gradual slope that directs water down to channels where the water is then drained away. These channels have to have grates over them so that people can walk around the pool without tripping over the drainage channel. Our stainless steel grates are perfect for this application.

A lot of companies use PVC plastic as their drainage channel, and the primary reason for using PVC is because it is an inexpensive option. The problem with PVC is that it is not nearly as strong, durable or long-lasting as stainless steel. PVC can break and crack over time when people are constantly walking on top of your drains, and the odds of that happening increase greatly as time goes on because of constant wear and tear making them brittle over time. PVC can also be degraded by a lot of the chemicals that are commonly found around pools. PVC grates may be inexpensive but you will eventually have to replace them, and the costs add up.

Stainless steel grates are a better choice for a number of reasons. Stainless steel is very durable and you don’t have to worry about the grates breaking, warping, or corroding over time. Stainless steel grates also have high anti-corrosion properties which means they won’t be affected by the pool chemicals that can damage other materials. Stainless steel is not only extremely durable and resistant to corrosion, it can spend decades being exposed to the elements without suffering any damage. It is also a stunning addition to your pool area which will last a life time.

Our drainage grates use 316 grade stainless steel which is also known as marine grade stainless steel because of it’s application in “marine” environments, or environments exposed to constant water. This grade of stainless steel can be used around saltwater without the pitting and corrosion that ordinary steel and even lesser grades of stainless steel would suffer. If you need durable, long lasting, and attractive looking drainage grates around your pool, consider our stainless steel grates for your project.