Linear Drains

The benefits of a Linear Shower Drain

Linear Drainage has been used in business and commercial applications for a very long time and they are now becoming very popular in residential applications. One reason they are becoming popular for residential applications is that they are aesthetically pleasing. A linear shower drain adds an elegant, stylish look to your shower but there are a number of benefits that are more practical than simply improving the appearance of a shower drain.


In a shower, a linear drain gives you the opportunity to use what is known as barrier free shower design. This means that you can separate the wet area of the shower from the dry area of the bathroom with nothing more than a linear drain. You do not need to have a shower door and you do not need to have a raised lip to keep the water in the shower stall. A linear drain will stop water from getting out of the shower area and into the rest of the bathroom. Barrier free shower design makes accessing the shower a lot easier and more convenient for elderly people or people with disabilities.


There are many other applications for linear drainage systems as well. They can be used in driveways, especially on a property that is below street level where water cannot simply run out to the storm drain. They can be used around swimming pools to help keep standing water off the pool deck, keeping people safe by reducing the chances of slipping and falling accidents around the pool. Linear drains can also be used in parking lots, office buildings and balconies, and just about anywhere that large amounts of people gather. The applications are almost endless.


Linear drains are more efficient than traditional, circular drains where all of the water is directed to a single point. A linear drainage system is able to collect water along the entire length of the channel rather than just collecting water at a single point. Linear drains are also easier to install because installation requires one gentle slope pointing toward the channel whereas a traditional circular drain requires the surface to be sloped in four different directions.


Because linear drains are more efficient, easier to install, and are also aesthetically pleasing, they are being used more and more by homeowners and not just in commercial and industrial applications. We offer a wide selection of linear drainage system options so have a look at our products page to find a solutions that would work best for your project.