SAS Drainage Solutions is committed to leading the way in the commercial market. Entertainment venues, Shopping Centres, Hospitals, Hotels, Aged-care facilities and Restaurants all have similar requirements when it comes to drainage products. Hygiene, High performance, durability and a cost effective solution is paramount.

High Performance Drainage Systems

Whether a shopping centre, airport or a hospital, the efficient functioning of the environment relies on the performance of it’s drainage systems. 316 grade stainless steel has been proven as the ideal material for all commercial applications. It’s unique high durability, hygiene, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion properties make it the perfect solution.

SAS Drainage Grates

We offer a range of standard drainage grate sizes and designs which are readily available and can be viewed on our Products page. We also offer custom drainage solutions. We will work with our clients to provide what they need, and deliver as required.

SAS gives you the hygiene and easy cleaning that are necessary wherever large numbers of people gather. Furthermore stainless steel, being 100% recyclable, is an environmentally friendly solution.

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