The benefits of a Linear Drainage Grate for your Balcony.

Some balconies have no drainage at all and others have a traditional, circular drain that doesn’t really do a very good job when there is a lot of water like during a rainstorm for instance. A circular drain doesn’t remove water from your balcony very efficiently. If there is a heavy rain and the water is not being drained away efficiently you could end up with dirty puddles on your balcony and the drain may even get clogged which could lead to flooding.

A better solution is a linear drain. This type of drain covers more surface area and therefore it is able to channel water away from your balcony much more efficiently. This will reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling on your balcony and it will also prevent water collecting into dirty puddles. A linear drain is also a lot less likely to be easily clogged than a circular drain where all of the water is being channeled to one particular point.

If you do decide to go with a linear drain for your balcony you will need strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing drainage grates. On a balcony people will be walking or standing on the drainage grates and they will be exposed to the elements since they are outside. Your drainage grates need to be strong but they also need to be corrosion resistant because they will be exposed to a wide range of temperatures, rain, and possibly chemicals that you use to clean your balcony. After all, you want a drainage solution which is going to last you a life time, without much maintenance.

At SAS Drainage Solutions all of our drainage grates are made from 316 grade stainless steel, because this type of steel possesses all of the qualities mentioned above and is the most aesthetically pleasing for any place which is on display. It is strong and durable and it won’t crack, break or warp over time when people walk over it like a plastic or PVC drainage grate might. Our drainage grates are also incredibly resistant to corrosion because the 316 grade stainless steel that we use is designed to be used in marine applications around highly corrosive saltwater without corroding or rusting.

If you have any questions about drainage grates for your balconies or any other areas in or around your home don’t hesitate to ask. You can add your name and e-mail address to our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible or you can call us at 02 9620 7531 to ask any questions or get a free quote.