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SAS Welding & Fabrication

SAS Welding & Fabrication is committed to providing excellent service to a wide variety of jobs. We cater for all jobs, whether big, small, standard, or custom.

Over our time operating we have worked with stainless, aluminium, steel, glass, wood, brass and plastics in all types of projects. We are located here in Sydney, allowing us to provide competitive prices and quick, reliable delivery.

All of our products are made for quality and design.

Example Shower grates
Drainage Grates
Drainage Channel


Close up of Stainless Steel Grates

Our Stainless steel grates are fabricated using only marine grade stainless steel. That means no PVC and no plastic parts at all. Some of the benefits include: Corrosion resistance, Fire and heat resistance, Hygiene, Easy to clean, Long term value, and Visually stunning.


Custom Drainage Solutions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Head over to our contact page, send us through a description of what you need, and we will work with you to find a solution. Popular custom options include: Electro Polishing, Mitred Angles, and Changing position of outlet on drainage channel.


Example of Shower Drains

Our drainage grates have a wide variety of applications, whether commercial or residential. Popular applications include: Shower Drains, Bathrooms, Restaurants, Hospitals and Commercial Facilities. Popular industries include: Construction, Food & Beverage processing and Retail.